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Confidentiality is a very important aspect of the counselling relationship. Counsellors are committed to protecting client privacy; however, there are limits to confidentiality. If there is evidence that the client intends to harm self or others, a counsellor is required by law to inform the necessary authorities, such as RCMP and Children Services. 

There are a few more situations that the counsellor is required to share client name and or provide information about the client to someone else. These include a judge ordering the release of client information, EAP providers requiring limited client information and debt collection procedures requiring the release of basic client information. In the event that the counsellor is working with a minor, the counsellor has an obligation to keep parents / guardians informed of the youth’s treatment plan and progress. The amount of information that will be shared will be discussed with the parents and counsellor early in the counselling process.  

As a member of the ACSW Kansus is required to have regular supervision and or consultation, and as such clients will be discussed in these sessions.

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